We welcome teachers, students and community mentors to learn how high school students in Providence can expand their learning beyond the classroom walls. The term Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) is used to describe the range of programs and activities available to young people that occur both during the traditional school day hours and beyond those hours. Expanded learning opportunities, particularly for older youth, occur in a 24/7 environment, draw upon the resources of the community, blur the lines between schools and other valuable resources, such as colleges, community organizations, museums, and employers, and incorporate virtual learning when appropriate.

I learned how to build a webpage using HTML and CSS. I think ELO's are great to have because they provide you with information and learning experiences that you otherwise wouldn't get in regular school.
— Nick Hanson

ELOs include traditional afterschool and summer learning activities, but also incorporate activities such as internships with employers, independent study in alternative settings, classes on college campuses for high school students, and wraparound support services. (adapted from the March 2009 publication by the American Youth Policy Forum, Learning Around the Clock: Benefits of Expanded Learning Opportunities for Older Youth).

Who: Expanded Learning Opportunities are open to all students, teachers and community members who are interested in creating new ways for students to expand their learning outside of the classroom.

When and Where: Expanded Learning Opportunities happen afterschool and outside of the classroom, but will often expand upon or connect to learning in the classroom.

What: An Expanded Learning Opportunity is a way for students to work on innovative projects based in the community with connections to the classroom.

How: An ELO allows for students to drive their learning and prove they have mastered the material within certain guidelines. An ELO occurs when a student, teacher and community mentor agree upon a defined project together. An ELO is similar to an independent study, yet it has set of specific guidelines and requirements specific to the ELO process.

This video was filmed, edited, and produced by high school youth employed at The Hub in providence.